What Nursing School Will Not Teach You [ 0 Comments ] [ July 31, 2017 ]

NRP Orange County and other things not taught in school


What Nursing School Will Not Teach You

Like with every school, you realize just how much it is you don’t know when you finish it. Nursing school is no different. With all that knowledge already acquired, there are still many things to learn. Your trusted local NRP Orange County provider lists some of them.

Take notes

Live and learn. You may be out of nursing school when you start your job, but that doesn’t mean you have it all under your belt. When you participate in procedures that you knew of only in theory, make some notes and go over the notes from time to time. You’ll be much better prepared and more confident in the future.

Get some really good shoes

Good support for your feet is a nurse’s best friend, honestly. If your feet and legs hurt from the constant walking and standing, it’ll just add to your fatigue and stress. And you also don’t want to risk varicose veins in the beautiful California climate.

Learn the insurance basics

You wouldn’t expect insurance to be something you should know, but managing patients will be easier if you know the whole network you are part of. Do you know the differences in inpatient and outpatient insurance packages? Do you know who else the patient can turn to – social worker or case manager? Figure these out and your working day will become more efficient.

Communication skills

While you study all those procedures, tissues, bacteria and what not, you don’t realize that nursing school will not teach you the skills you’ll need day in, day out. Nurses work with people, and that’s not just patients, but colleagues as well. That’s a huge amount of emotions you have to bear with daily to get anything done.

Managing difficult patients and their family

Nursing job is stressful on a whole new level. And while you’re stressed, you know that you have to pay attention to your words and actions. What you say and do can have an immense effect on any patient, and especially one in a severe condition.

What all nurses have to learn and learn fast when they start work is a set of firm, but polite sentences/expressions to use when you feel the pressure is getting too high. Knowing your limits and boundaries will also help you avoid burnout.

De-stressing is vital

If you want to keep loving your job, you have to have time in your schedule for relaxation, anything that recharges your batteries. Make this saying your motto.: “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” If you want to be a good nurse, you must make time for yourself. Don’t expect the stress to go away, because it won’t. No matter how long you keep doing what you do, the stress will always be there.

Rapid response scenarios

Nursing school doesn’t prepare you for code blue or code red. And when the occasions arises, the protocol won’t come naturally. So, it pays to be ready. Healthcare workers can take ACLS, PALS or NRP courses if they want to learn how to react to cardiopulmonary emergencies.

Interested in NRP Orange County?

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