Getting Certified in ACLS, PALS and NRP Can Help You Land That Nursing Job [ 0 Comments ] [ November 27, 2017 ]

Getting Certified in ACLS, PALS and NRP Can Help You Land That Nursing Job

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Are you a graduating RN anxious about getting the first job? The competition is tough and you worked hard through the nursing school (though there are some things about the job that they didn’t teach you). Here are some tips to get you through the finish line – who you should impress, who you should ask for advice and whether you really need to choose between ACLS, PALS and NRP classes Orange County when it comes to adding certifications to your Basic Life Support skills (which many graduating nurses already have).

Don’t shy away from being a nursing assistant

If there is a hospital in your vicinity that will accept nursing students for the job of nursing assistants, sign up. This is something you can do while on a school break or until you land a job. While you are a student, this position gives you valuable insight into what nursing looks like in real life. But, most importantly, doing the nursing assistant job provides you a fantastic opportunity to network and put yourself out there so potential colleagues, supervisors and nurse managers can see how hardworking, reliable and great you are. Look at it from their perspective – if you were to hire someone, wouldn’t you go for a candidate who you already knew and who already knows how your team functions?

Make the most of your clinical rotations

Similarly to the previous point, clinical rotations are your chance to learn and network. After all, the job you dream of landing will most probably include floating, so you may as well get used to it now. Impress as many superiors as possible with your passion for new knowledge and skills. Even if you don’t like a unit, what you learn there will very likely make you a better nurse. Finally, when a position opens up in the unit you love, you want as many managers to speak favorably of you as possible.

Get certified in ACLS, PALS and NRP

Show a proactive attitude by getting certified in all 3 life-saving skills exams for healthcare professionals: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLSED), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). These programs have the same goal but they are different, and it’s worth your time to get certified in all of them. This will also make you better prepared for that floating and probably increase your hirability.

Get advice from your clinical instructor

Clinical instructors know what nursing looks like and have connections in the local hospitals most probably. They can be your most reliable referees and most nurse managers see them as such. So, it pays to approach your clinical instructor and express initiative. Just make sure you ask them for the best time to talk to them. Scheduling a meeting will give you more time than trying to catch them on the fly.

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