What Are The Best Things About Being A NICU Nurse? [ 0 Comments ] [ November 27, 2017 ]

What Are The Best Things About Being A NICU Nurse?

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It’s important to love what you do. NICU nurses seem to really like their jobs, at least that’s what we have noticed from experience and from reading answers to a poll posted on the nurses’ forum allnurses. Admittedly, being an NICU nurse is not a walk in the park. The work can be emotionally demanding, and even draining until you find ways to cope. You are required, as all nurses, to continue your education so that you are always up to date with the latest practices and advancements in patient care. One such course could be NRP certification Orange County CA. And while there is a lot of learning to do, there are also many things that are great about being an NICU nurse, according to the testimonies of these admirable professionals. Here are some perks of the job.

The environment

NICU is a high-tech ward to be working on, especially since this is the U.S. (Unfortunately, many NICU wards around the world do not have the latest equipment, and often they don’t have enough of it.) Even if the equipment is not a cool factor for you, the constant presence of doctors probably is. Yes, it’s not very common in nursing that you get to have a doctor at hand at ALL times.

NICU units have a very distinct atmosphere – there’s this pervasive sense of calm and quiet. After all, the patients are these tiny beings not used to the world yet. The nurses do their best to keep rooms warm, dark and quiet, imitating the conditions of the babies’ intra-uterus experience and facilitating their adaptation.

The job requirements

A huge plus when you work in NICU is that you have very few patients, typically 2 or 3, and they are all together, right in front of you. In a way, it’s less physically demanding, when you consider that the patients are all grouped together and that they are light. NICU nurses don’t get back pain from lifting patients. And they always know where the patients are, any time, day or night!

NICU is not a slow-paced ward, but many nurses report that they don’t feel as rushed as in other wards. Needless to say, you must be on the ball constantly, but the job feels more comfortably paced. Nurses feel they can devote time and attention to the patients and their families, teaching them skills and tending to their needs.

Intensive care babies require 24/7 monitoring, so there’s often overtime to do, but the extra pay is appreciated.

Even though the babies will poop, the smells are not that bad, especially in comparison to many other wards.

The rewards

The intrinsic rewards of working in NICU are immense. The vast majority of NICU nurses absolutely adore their job and there is generally little turnover. Many members of the allnurses forum wrote that they love telling people what they do and seeing the reaction. That’s just the tip.

First, working with the patients. Being part of their massive improvement, from being sick to getting to go home with their parents, is a huge honor. And while the patients are there, you get to cuddle with them, wrap them and feed them. What beats the look in their big eyes, peering into the world, trying to make sense of it? Seeing those tiny, tiny beings grow up strong, healthy and happy, is when the waterworks and fireworks start.

Next, the families. It’s beautiful that you get to help parents feel less anxious about their little ones. You also get to teach them to communicate and connect with their babies. You are part of their ward experience, and you get to see them progress and become more confident. Handing them their baby to hold or feed for the first time is extremely moving.

Even though the outcomes are not always positive, still, much more often than not, the babies get to go home with their family. And if they don’t, you still know that you got to “touch the life of a tiny child”, as one nurse put it on the forum. Success stories are what gives you strength to go on.

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