Labor: What Mothers Learn vs. What L&D Nurses Learn [ 0 Comments ] [ March 20, 2018 ]

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Labor: What Mothers Learn vs. What L&D Nurses Learn

Being able to help others when they really need it is really rewarding about the nursing job. As demanding as it is, nursing is still very exciting. Every day you learn something new, either about patient care, our bodies, patients, people, life, etc. There are also many opportunities to stay ahead of developments in medicine, such as continuing education classes. Life-support classes also broaden your skillset, knowledge and job opportunities (we know because we are courses like ACLS, BLS, PALS and NRP class in Orange County).

Here we have gathered lessons that nurses and mothers learned about labor and delivery. They are coming from the Internet and our own experience. We think it’s interesting to compare the perspectives on this rite of passage and we hope you’ll like it.

What nurses learned

These lessons are mostly from this nurse blog.

The impact and far-reaching consequences of cesarean are not fully understood.

It’s important whether or not there’s family at the bedside.

Every participant on the team makes a valuable contribution to the delivery – the midwives, the nurses, the physician, the doula, and the techs.

Some women should deliver at home and some shouldn’t.

A baby is life, regardless of whether or not it drew breath after delivery.

The medical team in L&D love their job. No one really does it for the money. Working in L&D is a calling.

Deliveries are unpredictable. Sometimes the outcome will be good or bad, regardless of what we do.

Labor and delivery are so complex that it’s surprising that there are endless possibilities for them to go wrong.

Having to resuscitate a newborn makes your heart race at an unbelievable rate.

Women should think about what they would like their childbirth experience to look like even before pregnancy or at least as early in the pregnancy as possible. And they should share it with their doctors and support team.

No matter how much experience you have, or how educated you are, you will eventually make a mistake. Hopefully, it’s not a mistake that will hurt someone.

There are so many things we could do better.

We have to find ways to educate everyone prior to delivery.

We remember every single bad outcome.

No one expects to not hear a heartbeat.

The NICU is like an alternate universe.

Thank God for nursery and NICU nurses.

Healthcare workers work hard.

We don’t take care of ourselves as well as we take care of our patients.

We are all doing the best we can.

We still have so much to learn.

What mothers learned

Each and every labor is different. It’s not just that every woman experiences labor in her own way, but one woman will have different experiences with different children.

There’ll always be something new. Just as every delivery is unique, each of these experiences teaches you something new about your body, your psyche and life.

Be kind to your body. Listen to your body and show it some respect, kindness and patience. Don’t weigh yourself soon after the delivery, as this mother warns. Everything will come back in its place if you give it time (plus, you have many other important things to be busy about).

A baby brings out the best in people. It’s nice and gratifying to see how strangers’ faces light up when seeing a baby.

Childbirth is just the beginning. While you’re pregnant, you’re most focused on the physical unity with your baby and how the baby will come out, but once you do deliver, you realize that such a hallmark experience is just the beginning. The door opens to an almost endless range of other challenges.

There’s no easy or pain-free way to having a baby. Childbirth is painful, period. There’s no absolutely pain-free way to bring a baby to this world. This applies to cesarean as well.

It’s good to have a plan, but flexibility is the key. Planning is good, but childbirth is unpredictable. It’s definitely good to know what makes you feel safe and what doesn’t. However, don’t foster a set of rigid expectations, as this mom explains.

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