Most demanding nursing jobs in Orange County [ 0 Comments ] [ February 23, 2017 ]

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Most demanding nursing jobs in Orange County

We all know that nurses and other medical staff have a difficult job. The constant pressure of having someone’s life depend on your decisions produces highly stressful situations. That is why medical professionals need to be properly trained on how to do their job well despite the pressure. NRP classes in Orange County ensure that medical workers dealing with newborns are at their best when needed.

Neonatal wards tend to be joyous places, but can very quickly turn hectic. And since newborns are so small and fragile, there is a whole different set of rules on how to treat them. This is why NRP classes in Orange County are obligatory for all nurses. Apart from the neonatal nurses, what other nursing jobs are particularly stressful and why?

Surgery ward

This particular nurse specialization has the longest orientation course of all nursing positions. The stress can come from the frequent life and death situations, as well as the speed at which the decisions need to be made. Additionally, sometimes the operations last for hours, so the concentration needs to be on for a lot longer than it is natural for us. Furthermore, working with surgeons tends to be a skill of its own, since they are notoriously hard to cooperate with. However, the salary is considerably higher than in most other wards.

Emergency room

If you have ever visited an emergency room, it should be very clear that this is a high octane environment. Most patients come through this ward first, so nurses working in this environment need to be knowledgeable and versatile. Seeing how this post can be potentially dangerous, there is a particular mindset of people who are able to work here. As a result, not too many nurses specialize for emergency rooms, and this specialty is in high demand.

Geriatric ward

Working with old people may not seem too stressful, but do not forget that stress can be caused by psychological as well as physical strain. Working in this environment requires a lot of patience and knowledge. Similarly to the emergency room, there is currently a high demand for this position.

Psychiatric ward

Another ward where psychological strain is more prevalent than the physical. However, that does not mean that there is no physical stress at all. In fact, psychiatric patients can be very unpredictable, and knowing what to do and how to properly react is a much needed skill in this particular specialization.

Oncology ward

Dealing with cancer patients is usually physically undemanding. On the other hand, it is extremely chafing emotionally. Nurses who choose this particular specialization need to be sympathetic enough towards the patients and their families, yet tough enough not to have it affect their work.


It is the nurse’s job to ensure that the patient is well looked after, and ultimately feels better. Sadly, this specialization deals with those who aren’t going to get better. For most people it is unpleasant and hard to accept that they are powerless to help someone. This puts hospice nurses under a lot of stress.

Correctional facility nurse

Even though this is not exactly a specialization in terms of medical skills, it is still probably the hardest and the most stressful environment to work in. Nurses working here need to deal with potentially violent situations, which is not for everyone.

In order to help nurses find their calling, we at Advanced Healthcare Education centers offer a variety of courses, certified by the American Heart Association. NRP classes in Orange County and San Diego County are available, and have been updated as of January 2017. Contact today to learn more.